Commonly known types of players in casinos

Casinos since centuries have been attracting attention of many people. In previous centuries access to casinos had only the highest social class, which could afford high losses. Nowadays land based casinos are available to everyone but because of such development of Internet more and more players prefer playing online.

Unfortunately some countries conduct more rigorous policy which prohibits the use of Internet casinos. In such countries there is therefore a huge demand for land based casinos (casinos in Las Vegas or Macau). For players who love visiting land based casinos and feel their atmosphere we have prepared an article about types of players which can be found in casinos.

  • Spy - in each casino there is a person who prefers to observe other players. Sometimes we have such impression that someone tracks each our move when we are playing slots or poker. Such people often wait until a slot machine is open and take an opportunity to win after the previous player has left many coins in it, but hasn’t won none.
  • Superstitious person - a person who is so superstitious that he plays only on chosen slots machine. If another players take up place of his favourite slot machine, the player can expect company throughout the whole game. Believing that this slot machine brings luck superstitious person will not leave it even for a moment, he will keep on asking when a player on the machine will have finished playing and he will make him or her very uncomfortable.
  • Group of friends - in casinos one can meet a group of players who spend an evening in a casino, drink a lot and goof around. They always play at one table and disturb other players instead of enjoying the game.
  • Beginner - everywhere there are new, inexperienced players who ask advice from people around them. Such beginner will choose a victim among players who, in his opinion, has the greatest gambling knowledge and will and will as a series of questions regarding behaviour in certain betting situations.
  • Loser - a type of a player who loses often, and blames his failure on everyone and everything around him such as croupiers, bad luck. Such a person explodes with anger every time he loses and sometimes even make affairs at the casinos.
  • Expert - type of a player who thinks that he has a great knowledge of gambling. Such person likes a lot to give advice and talk about example from his adventurous life. His main aim is to share his experience with all people at the table. Such experts always get pissed off if a players does not listen to his advice. Unfortunately such people often mislead and irritate other players.