The biggest wins in online casinos

Who does not dream about a high win on a lottery or in a casino? Everyone does without a doubt. Read the stories of people who in a few minutes have become a millionaires.

Few decades ago a casino was associated only with luxury which was not affordable for every person. As of now each of us may have a casino at their own home, (or on their own computer) moreover not only at home but in each place where there is Internet access. Technology development gives us a possibility to use Internet casinos literally everywhere. Maybe this is why casinos boast of such interest among players. One more important reason why people are so interested in casinos are high wins offered by them.  Not once we can read in the Internet that another player won a jackpot while playing one-armed bandit. Demand on slots is nowadays so large that wins at them may go up to 17 mln Euro.

Favourite slot of millions players is Mega Fortune which made happy more than one player. The biggest Jackpot which was paid out in Internet casino was over 17,8 mln Euro.This win was placed in the Guinness World Record book as the highest win in the Internet casino in the world. The winner was 40 years old Finnish man who had tried his luck in a PAF casino. His life has changed forever on January 20th 2013. Previous world record belong to Mega Fortune slot as well, by a Norwegian player who won 11,7 mln Euro in Betsson casino in 2011 after investing only few euro. During previous years players preferring game with progressive slot - Mega Fortune got following amounts of money: 6,6 mln Euro in BetVictor casino or 4,3 mln euro in Unibet Casino.

Next game which boast of popularity is Arabian Nights slots. In November 2012 in casino PAF a win in a amount of 8,6 mln Euro was won which was included in the Guinness World Record as a biggest win in so called non pooled  Jackpot. A winner was again a Finnish player who got a nice amount of money on his account.

It is not the only example of such a high win on a slot machine. Slot Arabian Night brought 4,8mls Euro to a Norwegian, which several years ago had played in an Internet casino Betsson.

We are waiting for next records and wish luck to everyone!